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Services and Rates

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Restrictions Apply for Both In-Studio and Out-Call Services. 


Body Scrub and Rehydration Massage$99 / each
Chair Massage$18.75 / 15 minutes
Chair Massage$1.25 / 1 minute
Chair Massage$37.50 / 30 minutes
Foot Massage with Soak and Scrub$45 / each
Full Body Scrub, Mud Mask Detox and Restore Massage$129 / each
In Studio Table Massage -Int'l Falls Only$45 / 30 minutes
In Studio Table Massage -Int'l Falls Only$65 / 60 minutes
In-Studio Reiki$60 / 60 minutes
In-Studio Reiki$30 / 30 minutes
In-Studio Table Massage -Int'l Falls Only$99 / 90 minutes
Out-Call Reiki$60 / 30 minutes
Out-Call Reiki$85 / 60 minutes
Out-Call Table Massage$119 / 90 minutes
Out-Call Table Massage$89 / 60 minutes
Out-Call Table Massage$65 / 30 minutes
Plantar Fasciitis Clinical Work *IN-Studio$65 / each
Plantar Fasciitis Clinical Work *Out-Call$89 / each
Raindrop Technique Therapy$99 / each