Posh Relief, LLC

Turn Any Moment Into Something Better.


Whatever your daily life looks like, I would be honored to help make it better.

My personal goal is to encourage you to escape the ordinary ideas of what things "should" look like in life and open your mind to new possibilities.

Our definition of living a Posh Life means recognizing that whether you have 60 seconds or 60 minutes, any moment in any place, can be used to refill your proverbial cup.

Living a Posh Life sometimes means creating your own experiences and being open to things you may have or have never dreamed possible before today.

To us here at Posh Relief, LLC., we understand that your version of "Posh" looks different than ours and that can make all the difference in the world for your own personal happiness.  We hope to encourage you to live YOU, but louder.

Can't manage to see us in person or get that friend/family member in for a service? Send yourself or them a very Posh treat directly from our shop: http://holliebahr.po.sh

In Wellness, Stress Relief and Love,

Hollie Bahr, 

Certified Massage Therapist, Owner Posh Relief, LLC., Premier Leader for the Posh Squad